Welcome everybody !

We are Paulette Matkovic and Nina Klein, both certified yoga teachers in yoga therapy.
Our dream is for all of us to take charge of our health!
We all aspire to feel healthy, but very often we don’t do much to achieve this goal. This is often because we feel too busy in our daily lives. And it is certainly not part of our culture to take care of ourselves. Yet it is possible to strengthen our powers of self-healing. Yoga can be an effective way to balance the body, breath and mind: It uses physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve overall health. 

In some countries such as India, Great Britain, the United States and Germany, the therapeutic and preventive aspects of yoga are already officially recognized. This is not (yet) the case in other countries such as Belgium, where the approach is relatively new and still unknown.

Even a weekly practice can improve your general physical condition, posture and flexibility. Integrating a practice into your daily routine can do more than that and considerably improve your quality of life. Yoga therapy gives you all the tools you need to take charge of your health.

Some potential health benefits of yoga:
– increased flexibility and strength, improved coordination and posture
– reduction of muscular and skeletal/articular disorders, especially neck and back pain
– improvement of the cardiovascular (especially blood pressure) and pulmonary (bronchitis, COPD) systems; improvement of the respiratory system.
– Improved health status in chronic diseases (autoimmune diseases, diabetes, dementia, etc.).
– improved digestion and metabolism
– strengthening the immune system functions
– Support for psychological complaints: burn-out, depression, anxiety states …; self-confidence and improved concentration.
– relaxation, better stress management
– higher energy level, less fatigue
– better sleep