Welcome to our website Yoga for Health

We are Paulette Matkovic and Nina Klein, and we have joined forces to act together to promote the health benefits of yoga.

Our vision is:

  • A society where a better quality of life is accessible to all, and where yoga as a preventative method is integrated into the health care system.
  • A society where people take charge of their health and realize the potential of self-healing powers by integrating individualized yoga practice into their lives.
  • A society where health is viewed holistically, including all levels of human existence: physical, physiological, psychological, spiritual and ecological.
  • A vision of health centered on the person and not on the disease, aiming to increase the resilience, autonomy and capacity for change of the person.

And this is our mission: We see yoga as an excellent tool for health and a better quality of life. We strive to make regular individual yoga practice accessible to all through a variety of means:

  • awareness and information: promoting the effects of yoga on health (conferences, symposiums, social networks, media…)
  • networking: bridging the gap between yoga therapists and the medical profession, as well as non-traditional health practitioners (on the level of associations and institutions, but also on an individual level).
  • the creation of experiments (workshops, seminars…)
  • providing services that enable health yoga teachers and practitioners to thrive at all levels – professional and personal.

We have just started our activities and we are happy to keep you informed of our next activities. Please sign up for our newsletter (below) or follow us on Facebook (@YogaforHealthBE ).


Although yoga therapists do not diagnose or treat diseases unless they are otherwise licensed to do so, they are trained in anatomy, physiology, and mental health; this allows them to interact with clients’ other healthcare professionals effectively and to competently suggest referrals when needed.

Would you like to know more about Yoga Therapy ?

For more news on our activities, please have a look at our blog, and sign up for our newsletter. We also offer activities in French – have a look at the French version of our blog to find out more. You can also sign up for our newsletter.

Here is a short 5 min video on what Yoga Therapy actually is – in French with English subtitles (the link leads you to our youtube channel): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6h3PO7pKDc